Are your asphalt shingles showing signs of aging?


Remedy the situation with the help of Union Roofing professionals. Whether for a minor repair or a complete overhaul of your shingle roof, our team has the advanced expertise necessary to install asphalt shingles for all types of roof. Our working methods exceed industry standards and set us apart from the competition.


Eager to help, the professionals at Union Roofing will make sure to:

  • Analyse your needs, taking your budget into account
  • Conduct a full inspection of your roof and elements such as flashings, skylights, drainage, chimney, masts and other roof accessories
  • Make proper preparations before beginning operations
  • Protect your home and your property to reduce the risk of any incidents or damage
  • Use top quality products when working
  • Perform all installations in full, in accordance with building code rules
  • Install durable, efficient and aesthetic roofing that will protect your home for years to come


Call our team for a free quote. We will proceed with the evaluation of your project costs without any obligation to you.

Examples of asphalt shingles projects


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