Commerical flat roof

At Union Roofing, we have extensive experience in commercial roofing installation. Flat-roofed buildings are characterized by a clean, modern look. Moreover, this type of roof allows the development of future projects such as a terrace, a green roof or even the installation of solar panels. The use of an elastomeric membrane has several significant advantages, such as recognized efficiency, easy maintenance and a lifespan of 20 to 30 years.


The elastomeric membrane: a dependable choice

Since the 1970s, the elastomeric membrane has become a must in the field of construction for all types of so-called flat roofs (roofs with a slope under 3/12 or 1:4). This modified bitumen coating is created by fusing a base membrane with a granule coated cap sheet. These are UV resistant and can extend the life of a flat roof up to 30 years. This is an investment that is worth it!


Take care to make a good investment for your roof by choosing elastomeric membrane!

Whether for a flat roof or low slope roof, Union Roofing has the advanced expertise necessary to maintain and repair your roof while ensuring optimum durability in all seasons. To achieve this, elastomeric membrane is a must. Indeed, this great product outperforms traditional asphalt products hands down.


Long-term peace of mind

Known for its durability, the elastomeric membrane has many advantages:

  • Life span of 20 to 30 years
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Light and durable
  • Uniform quality when installing
  • Excellent waterproofing properties
  • Recyclable


Pitched commercial roof

Having a quality roof that is both durable and attractive is very important for a business or store. For pitched commercial roofs, we recommend asphalt shingles. With us, you know that your installation will comply with all standards and that we are here to provide services for snow removal, roof repair, inspection and more.

Are your asphalt shingles showing signs of aging?


Let Union Roofing take care of the repairing or rebuilding. We have extensive experience in installing asphalt shingles on any type of roof.

The advantages of asphalt shingles

  • Wide variety of colours, styles (architectural, decorative, etc.) and shapes
  • Make your home beautiful
  • Less expensive than other roofing materials
  • Weatherproof for our climate
  • Easy installationà
  • Little maintenance required



With Union Roofing, rest assured that we will:

  • Advise you, taking into consideration your needs and your budget
  • Conduct a full review of your roof features (flashings, skylights, fireplace, etc.)
  • Protect your house and property from any damage
  • Only use the highest quality products
  • Comply with building code requirements
  • Install sustainable, efficient and aesthetic materials
  • Make sure your roofing is waterproof to protect your building

Contact us to get a free quote! We offer our services on the South Shore of Montreal and surrounding areas.


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Elastomeric membrane roof

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