Flat residential roof


A flat roof has special needs. Shingles are to be avoided on a flat roof due to possible water infiltration. Instead, a flat roof requires seamless coverage. At Union Roofing, we use elastomeric membrane – a lining that has proven to be excellent for residential flat roofs!

A life span of up to 30 years

Having appeared on the market in the 70s, elastomeric membrane roofing today is the product of choice for architects and building contractors. Consisting of a base membrane fused with a UV resistant finishing membrane with integrated granules, this modified bitumen membrane extends the life of flat roofs up to 30 years.

Entrust your project to an expert roofer at Union Roofing

The installation of the elastomeric membrane requires the use of a torch as well as mastery of specific skills. It is imperative to have this work done by experienced roofers with the proper insurance coverage. Find out about our competitive prices on elastomeric membrane roofs.


Elastomeric membrane is:

  • Durable (20 to 30 years)
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lighter and more durable
  • Uniform upon installation
  • Waterproof
  • Recyclable


Eager to help, the professionals at Union Roofing will make sure to:

  • Analyse your needs, taking your budget into account
  • Conduct a full inspection of your roof and elements such as flashings, skylights, drainage, chimney, masts and other roof accessories
  • Make proper preparations before beginning operations
  • Protect your home and your property to reduce the risk of any incidents or damage
  • Use top quality products when working
  • Perform all installations in full, in accordance with building code rules
  • Install durable, efficient and aesthetic roofing that will protect your home for years to come


We offer a range of other services to maintain your roof on the South Shore of Montreal, from ventilation to inspection and from snow removal to complete refurbishment. Call our team for a free quote. We will proceed with the evaluation of your project costs without any obligation to you. Ask for our services anywhere on the South Shore of Montreal!


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Elastomeric membrane roof

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