Metal roofing


A metal roof is an excellent solution because of its great durability. In fact, metal roofing needs little maintenance and benefits from a lifespan superior to asphalt shingles. On the environmental side, steel is also a great alternative because it’s 100% recyclable. Steel also helps in energy efficiency by keeping your home cooler in the summer and hotter in the winter thanks to its reflective surface.

Discover a large variety of metal roofing and finishes offered in a large selection of colors and styles.

Summerside steel shingles

The Summerside steel shingles collection offers excellent resistance and protection for a good price. The shingles are made from 28 gauge steel and a double embossed finish which makes them more resistant than the majority of other metal shingles on the market. The Summerside collection is also offered in a variety of natural colors.

Unique four way interlocking system

Summerside steel shingles include an installation procedure that gives them four way inlerlocking. This system tightens all four sides of the shingles so that the installation is strong and limits the chances of uplifts due to wind and snow.

Limited lifetime transferable warranty

The Summerside collection offers a limited lifetime warranty on its steel shingles. These shingles are also non-combustible and made in Canada.

Prestige metal roofing

The Prestige collection is a batten-style roofing panel system that offers all the advantages of metal roofing and is available in 20” and 16” panels. This collection offers a large selection of colors that include metallic and natural finishes. A limited 40 years warranty is also offered on finishes.

SuperVic metal roofing

For a budget-friendly and classic style, consider the SuperVic collection. This collection offers superior resistance and spans over 20”.

Easy adjustments, efficient and cost-effective

The SuperVic shingles are easy to adjust because they need fewer fasteners ans supports. Because of this, you save money on labor and materials during installation.

Customization is at your reach

The metal shingles are available in 26, 28 and 30 gauge and can be curved to adapt to most rooftops. A great choice of colors is also available and our shingles can also be used for wall applications.

Certified VicPro installers

We are now certified VicPro installers. Vicwest is one of the most renowned metal roofing provider in North America.


Vicwest has been active for more than 85 years and has always offered superior quality products to its customers. Vicwest products also include one of the best warranties on the market to insure a longterm peace of mind to their customers.

Eager to help, the professionals at Union Roofing will make sure to:

  • Analyse your needs, taking your budget into account
  • Conduct a full inspection of your roof and elements such as flashings, skylights, drainage, chimney, masts and other roof accessories
  • Make proper preparations before beginning operations
  • Protect your home and your property to reduce the risk of any incidents or damage
  • Use top quality products when working
  • Perform all installations in full, in accordance with building code rules
  • Install durable, efficient and aesthetic roofing that will protect your home for years to come


We offer a range of other services to maintain your roof on the South Shore of Montreal, from ventilation to inspection and from snow removal to complete refurbishment. Call our team for a free quote. We will proceed with the evaluation of your project costs without any obligation to you. Ask for our services anywhere on the South Shore of Montreal!


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